WaiS Platforms

An end-to-end, integrated data and AI solution that transforms information from intelligence to insight and wisdom. The marketplace for today’s Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies is chaotic and fragmented.

WaiS Data

The WaiS Data Module provides out-of-the-box templates for data wrangling, data quality, and pre-configured AI algorithms. It accelerates the translation of technology into business value by maximizing value from your internal and external data requirements and existing architecture.

By managing the Hadoop framework and Sqoop ELT, the module provides a near real-time engine of data insight for a 360-degree view of the business. WaiS Data integrates across data sources such as unstructured, streaming, and legacy databases while the embedded data quality and standardization feature maintain data integrity and governance.

With AI-driven data wrangling templates, this module enables data handlers/businesses to easily prepare and curate data for building AI models and visualizations. The out-of-the-box artificial intelligence capabilities within the data systems that your busines relies on helps make critical decisions

WaiS Algo

This module provides a repository of AI algorithms that can be customized based on business requirements, reducing time to build, test, and deploy AI models. The result is that real-time wisdom is now accessible to enterprises of all sizes with the WaiS Algorithm self-service repository of AI/ML/DL/NLP algorithms.

This out-of-the-box feature helps data scientists and analysts to access, customize, and operationalize advanced analytics models guided by project objective and goals. With algorithms written using open-source programming languages, customization and implementation of the models is seamless and easily deployable across the enterprise. The module is designed to streamline sole reliance on engineers and analytics professionals and helps end-users create and manage their own AI routines

WaiS Visual Analytics

The WaiS VA seamlessly integrates any data source with AI-assisted routines into intuitive dashboards, interactive prompts, and graphical views for self-serve and interactive user interaface. This visual analytics module is a self-serve environment that allows end-to-end control from managing the data pipeline to information-governance and monitoring. The resulting capability changes artificial intelligence to artificial wisdom by enabling smarter and proactive recommendations and data-driven decision making.

Business stakeholders at all levels across the enterprise will not only be able to use the right AI application but will also be equipped to apply the intelligence to enhance the wisdom of making the right decisions, maximizing the ROI of time and investment.