Our Story

At WaiSDOM, we believe that eventually every company will become an AI-driven company where advanced analytics will be a core competency that drives the success of the organization.

The WaiSDOM platform transforms artificial intelligence to artificial wisdom, thereby helping business users to make informed, data-driven decisions. It provides an end-to-end data and AI solution starting from data integration, customizable AI algorithms, self-serve dashboard to decision-making.


Our mission is to deliver a world class analytical solution for any industry vertical by maximizing value and increasing the speed-to-insight that every company needs. We achieve this by continuously nurturing innovation, talent, cost-effectiveness and technological excellence.


Our Vision is to determine whether and how AI is useful in an organization and collect the data for AI. Thereafter we choose an AI strategy that produces useful results and make AI available wherever it is useful.

Our Team

The team at WaiSDOM.AI is dedicated to harnessing the power of AI-driven analytics with a platform that integrates data from across any enterprise and transforms it into real-time wisdom with the help of an out-of-the-box AI algorithms. The team is building operations in the US, EMEA, and India with a focus on delivering best-in-class data and AI solution. We are achieving this by realizing continuous innovation, top-notch talent, technological and operational excellence infused with a deep understanding of the business environment.

Madhumita Bhattacharyya

Founder and CEO of WaiSDOM.AI

Madhumita has a deep understanding of Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. During her professional services career, she led diverse analytics teams across the world on behalf of Fortune-500 clients. This experience brought her to identify critical gaps in the marketplace not only for more efficient data management and wrangling but also for leveraging advanced analytics within businesses of any size.

She is passionate about using innovative technology and AI to transform the decision-making process for any company. As a result, Madhumita founded WaiSDOM.AI to address these needs by developing an end-to-end analytics/AI solution.

Jagdish Dangi

Strategic Advisor - Sales and Marketing

Jagdish is a seasoned technology executive with over 25 years of experience in the global business landscape. He has a proven track record of driving profitability, surpassing revenue objectives, and developing innovative solutions for business problems. Throughout his career, Jagdish has held various key positions, demonstrating expertise in regional development, service expansion, and executive relationship management.
Jagdish is currently a senior leader at Jade Global, where he spearheads the expansion of their Emerging Technologies offerings. Under his leadership, the team has consistently exceeded their goals each year.

Sudip Bhattacharyya

Chief Data Scientist

Sudip comes with 18+ years of experience in the area of Advanced Analytics, AI and Machine Learning across industries. Being a Statistician, his passion lies in building customized algorithms catering to client requirements. Within WaiSDOM, he is responsible for the WAIS Algo module and its integration to WAIS Data and WAIS VA. Sudip's knowledge and leadership is invaluable for the WaiSDOM team and the growth of the company.

Josh Kragness

Strategic Advisor

Josh Kragness brings deep experience in aligning analytics infrastructure and maximizing the return on investments of people, technologies, and processes across the enterprise. With many years of designing business intelligence solutions, he grasps the importance of understanding of how people work with and interact with technologies in order to analyze and visualize data.

Rajendra Mittal

Strategic Advisor

Raj is an accomplished leader in strategy, operations, and transformation, specializing in driving growth, productivity, and streamlined operations for large technology services enterprises. With a focus on Sales, Marketing, and Business operations, he excels in developing and implementing initiatives that yield tangible results. Raj possesses a unique blend of tenacity, decisiveness, and consensus-building skills, complemented by a hands-on approach. He is dedicated to achieving profitable growth without compromising on customer centricity and the success of employees.

Are you interested to become part of the WaiSDOM team or are looking for a great partner?

The WaiSDOM team is set to launch with the best talent available and if you are an enthusiastic leader, we are ready to hear from you! We would also like to know if you are looking for opportunities to partnership! Either way, just drop us a note at info@waisdom.ai