WaiS Platform

Transforming data into business-actionable wisdom is made possible with WaiSDOM’s end-to-end integrated data and AI solution.

The marketplace for today’s data and artificial intelligence technologies is filled with disparate vendor tools, leaving the market chaotic and fragmented. Before the introduction of WaiSDOM’s innovative data and AI solution, there was no single platform capable of meeting the cross-sector business needs required to address end-to-end analytical solutions. Identifying the right people, processes, and technologies that fulfill these needs in a timely fashion is a challenge that businesses are rapidly trying to solve. All of that changes now with WaiSDOM’s data and AI solution!

Empowering Quicker Decision Making for Enterprises


Leveraging AI-Driven algorithms to help banks segment, target, acquire and retain customers

The Banking industry is undergoing a dynamic shift as financial institutions increasingly view harnessing AI to be a competitive advantage. These institutions are facing challenges to meet sophisticated customer demands and to proactively protect against fraud and security breaches. Advanced analytics and AI are helping pave the way to increase operational efficiency, improve margins, and to gain competitive opportunities within a crowded space.


Advanced AI algorithms enhances the ability of healthcare providers to analyze and interpret a growing array of complicated medical data

Analytics in healthcare helps doctors and hospitals rapidly access vast datasets of potentially life-saving information. This includes the efficacy of treatment methods along with the respective outcomes, survival rates, and speed-of-care directed across millions of patients, disparate geographical locations, and innumerable health conditions. Advances in algorithms and computing power can more efficiently detect and analyze large and small trends from the data while making machine learning predictions in order to identify optimal health outcomes.


Hard-to-solve optimization problems can be tackled by the use of advanced AI analytics in order to quickly identify the factors critical to the best outcomes

With tightening supply chains and downward pressure on operating margins, harnessing AI algorithms is becoming more important than ever. From scoring vendor quality, cost, and reliability advanced data analysis can provide insights that drive improved product and company performance. An end-to-end data and AI platform is tailormade to more effectively optimize every aspect of the manufacturing lifecycle.


Application of efficient AI algorithms enable retailers to more respond more quickly to competitive changes by making better decisions

The newest generation of shoppers are challenging retailers across the world to adopt real-time decision making in order to offer the best experiences. Critical to this requirement is improved visibility of customers’ shopping preferences and expectations. A successful retailer leverages advanced analytics to deliver targeted offers and more personalized customer conversations. The result is quicker order fulfilment, targeted product recommendations, and friendlier checkout processes.